For Now, Find Me at Hack Library School

Cononley 09

Hi Everyone!

I’m sure as you can tell from the dates of my last post, that it’s gotten a bit busy for me in library school. Well it has and I’m hitting the home stretch before my awesome library school journey comes to an end. Hold your tissues please.

I do blog, but some of you already know that I was selected to be part of the 2013-2014 Hack Library School contributing writers’ group and most of my blogging is done there. You can check out some of the posts that I’ve written down below for your convenience. I’ll update the list as more are added.

But, feel free to check out the Hack Library School site in general,┬ábecause there’s a pretty snazzy crew of LIS writers with insights to all that you need to know for surviving library school in one piece.

As school comes to an end, I promise to devote more time to this blog. I’ve got big schmancy wicked plans to turn this little blog into an awesome digital portfolio. What do you think of the new template, by the way?

So check back periodically if you can. And if you can’t you can find me at Twitter where I hang out more frequently with other quirky LIS peeps.

Ciao for now!


Image credit: By Immanuel Giel (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “For Now, Find Me at Hack Library School

  1. Your blog is beautiful! Very nicely done. I just ran across your medical librarians post on HLS. I’ve just finished lib school & gotten a job as a data literacy / data outreach librarian. Still new here, but if you end up doing posts or interviews on this field (which is growing quickly) I’m happy to help out where I can!

  2. Thank you Celia! Glad you found my article and blog :-) Yes, data management in libraries is an EXPLODING topic right now and very relevant for our LIS readers. I graduate in December so my time at HLS will be coming to an end shortly, but I would like to squeeze out a post on this topic before I say my farewell. I’ll keep in contact with you regarding this topic. I’m fascinated to learn about your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities :-)


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