My Hack Library School Posts

Updated Post:

I’m updating this post to act as an archive of my Hack Library School posts. I’ve successfully completed the MSLIS program at FSU and am now a librarian. I’m leaving these links up for any future LIS students seeking advice about the ins and outs of library school. I hope my experiences prove useful to those seeking guidance.

My blogging doesn’t end with Hack Library School. I will continue to blog on this site, but I plan to incorporate more of my love of photography and my wonderfully amateur ability to take photos on my Cannon DSLR camera. Oh the joy!

Hack Library School posts:



2 thoughts on “My Hack Library School Posts

  1. Your blog is beautiful! Very nicely done. I just ran across your medical librarians post on HLS. I’ve just finished lib school & gotten a job as a data literacy / data outreach librarian. Still new here, but if you end up doing posts or interviews on this field (which is growing quickly) I’m happy to help out where I can!

  2. Thank you Celia! Glad you found my article and blog🙂 Yes, data management in libraries is an EXPLODING topic right now and very relevant for our LIS readers. I graduate in December so my time at HLS will be coming to an end shortly, but I would like to squeeze out a post on this topic before I say my farewell. I’ll keep in contact with you regarding this topic. I’m fascinated to learn about your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities🙂


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